Learn about the mental benefits of coming to our singing for fun group session.

Being a Mum is the most wonderful role but it is also extremely challenging.
You matter!

Self-care and looking after your own mental well-being regularly is a priority!

You constantly invest in looking after your child’s needs & development but you need to Invest in YOU too! Your battery needs recharging too and our sessions can help do this. Your babies and children will also enjoy the sessions but they won’t be the focus.

Self-care is a priority, not a luxury!

Mental Health

Regularly singing is scientifically proven to make you feel happier.

New Connections

Sessions are entirely for you to have fun, and make new friends.

More Confidence

Singing is a great way of expressing yourself and emotions.

Stress Relief

Singing is a fantastic way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.


Singing ticks so many boxes for self-care.

Boost Positivity

Bring yourself back into the present and enjoy the now.

It’s really great as a new mum to be at a relaxed, non-judgemental group where it doesn’t matter if you sing out of tune, or out of time….which I do sometimes! It’s amazing what an hour of singing can do for you, it really does lift you, the babies enjoy it, and often sit, look and listen to us!


Soul Singers is a place to go if you love to sing and want a small, kind group of women to support you day on day. It really is such an amazing community, inspiring, confidence building, and creating lasting friendships. I have helped on fundraisers for Devon Mind, attended groups with lovely people and had Zoom and Tuneful Tuesday to help through Lockdown which was lonely for us all. Give it a try. Mary is amazing, it’s just fun, and we all need that in our lives.


Soul Singers is such a great group to attend! I started 12 weeks ago when my baby was 5 weeks old. As a FTM, I knew being at home all day every day would negatively effect my mental health. Therefore, I made the decision to get out of the house for a specific reason 3-4 times a week. This is what brought me to Soul Singers. I love singing but I’m not a very good singer in the slightest. However, this has not stopped me from attending. Not once have I felt not good enough. MJ is so warm, kind and inviting. The other mums all have each others backs too. I would suggest this group to anyone who just wants to get out of the house, out of the rut and have a bit of fun whilst exercising your mind. Thank you MJ, you are a lifeline.


Mums singing sessions

We currently hold three separate in-person singing sessions a week at different locations.

Babies and children welcome at all our Mums sessions or you can attend on your own if your children are at school.

Monday @ 9.30 am at Barne Barton Community Allotment,

Wednesday @ 9.30 at Plymstock Library

Friday @ 10.00am at Moments Cafe



What happens at a typical session?

A typical session will last approx. 60mins, and follows the below format.

1. A breathing exercise 

e.g. Breathing in for the count of 4 and then exhaling and repeat.

2. A short vocal warm up 

e.g. a tongue twister, copying some notes going up a scale of music, making some silly sounds.

3. Warm up songs

Singing some short warm up songs which might include a call and response or songs we have learnt before which will be easy to pick up.

4. Singing!

There is no performance aspect we just sing together; and because eye contact is so important for connecting with people, we don’t use lyric sheets. (although people are always welcome to use their phones for lyrics if they feel more comfortable doing so)

Give yourself some me time. You deserve it!

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, we hold three sessions at different locations.

Monday @ 9.30 am at Barne Barton Community Allotment,

Wednesday @ 9.30 am at Plymstock Library 

Friday @ 10.00am at Moments Cafe

Babies and children are welcome at all of our sessions or you are welcome to attend on your own if your children are in nursery or school.

If you’d like to join any of our sessions send us a message and we’ll help you get set up.

Mum sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday at 9.30 and Friday 10.00am

If you’d like to join any of our sessions send us a message and we’ll help you get set up.

Free! Our sessions are currently being funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Funding does not cover all of our operating costs or help us with sustainability for the future. If you would like to make a donation towards these it would be greatly received but there is no obligation.

If you’d like to join any of our sessions send us a message and we’ll help you get set up.

Our sessions run for approx. 60 mins. 

If you’d like to join any of our sessions send us a message and we’ll help you get set up.

Yes, children are always welcome to attend our singing sessions or if you’d like to attend while they are in nursery, preschool or school then you are also welcome.

If you have more than one child then you are welcome to bring both.


If you’d like to join any of our sessions send us a message and we’ll help you get set up.

The little ones can listen, join in or play with instruments or toys.

All toy & instruments are sanitised with antibac and where possible not used for 72 hours. Blankets and sensory scarves are always washed between sessions.

At the Barne Barton Community Allotment, outside venue, they are free to explore the allotment with the support of their Mums. There is also a mud kitchen and some outside toys to play with.

What the Soul Singers community says

I’ve attended MJ’s soul singers class since my boy was 6 weeks old. He is now 10 months. The group is amazing and we love it. I would go every day if it was on that much. MJ makes you feel super relaxed and there is no pressure to be an amazing singer. The babies are happy and entertained and the singing really makes any worries or stress go away. I really enjoy it and wish it would last longer. Recommend it to anyone with babies who loves to sing. Great variety of music. I have enjoyed musicals week the most and also loved Queen week. Great fun also had around Christmas learning some Carol’s and classics. 5*****!


soul singers has been amazing for me and my children. we started going to sessions back in the summer and MJ and the group helped me during an extremely bad period of depression and anxiety. I’ve made friends with people I never would have met before and these friendships have grown so that we check in on each other regularly and just generally help keep each other going. During lockdown, the weekly coffee and chat meets on a Monday have helped so much, just seeing other friendly faces, sharing ideas and knowing I’m not alone during this difficult time has really helped. When I’ve been able to join in with singing, it’s been amazing and I look forward to it so much! MJs positivity is infectious and she is so passionate about Soul Singers it shines through in all she does. She is an incredible person who I feel very privileged to have met and have in my life. I don’t think she has any idea how much she does to help so many people xxx


Although I’ve only made it to a few sessions MJ and the other ladies always make me feel really welcome. I thoroughly recommend this group to any mum who enjoys singing in any capacity, it’s just fun to gather with others who like to sing, with no pressure to get it pitch perfect. It’s really relaxed with the kids too, if I need to feed or change them, it’s no problem, they have toys to play with, my baby & toddler have both been able to amuse themselves/ enjoyed watching us sing. Singing is also really great for your mental health, especially communal singing, it connects you to others & makes you feel good. My two year old loves it too & sometimes joins in, she kept singing ‘fire’ for a full 2-3 weeks after the first session we went to (It was ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys). Thanks MJ for running a fun & really beneficial group for mums. ?


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